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(Whether commisions are open or not, please ask me personally, or please refer to the latest journals entries)

Prices for both Comic Pages and single artworks (for each single page of course, though i might shorten/increase the price depending on the content of the pages) New Info: A Comic commission must be AT LEAST 2 pages long, if however you want 1 comic page it can be done but with a price increase, depending on the content.

Sketches: 15$
Lineart: 25$

Lineart + Mangastyle fillings + screentone: 30$
Lineart + Cell-shading: 35$
Lineart + Soft-shading: 45$

Backgrounds: +5-15$ (depends on various things, coloring, size, details etc.)

Example Pages: (currently not available, but you can just check out my gallery)

Script: If you want a comic/manga to be done, it would be nice to have some kind of script to be prepared. I can always pull out something on my own, without any price increase, but i think it would be best to at least have a general outline on what should appear, right?

I'm pretty much willing to draw ANYTHING, even things i don't like(like yaoi), and i don't judge anybody for whatever he or she may like. Of course there are some exceptions(just look at the typical deviantart rules concerning these things) but you're still free to ask if you're unsure, like i said, i don't judge.
New Info: If you want a more "normal" commission, nothing fetish or similar related, i may take priority for these! Not because of prejudice, but because i can use these better to advertise myself, and thus instead of increasing price, i think this is a far better option.

If however you might want a fanart of a show i don't know about, it would be best to provide some references, both for the character designs and the characters personality. I will draw regarding the reference, so if there is something not shown on the reference there is no take back if the outcome is not as expected(for example the back of a person) however i will usually look for additional references myself

Currently i am only willing to draw in my own Artstyle. You CAN request that i may draw in another Artstyle, i may always feel generous some times, but don't expect a yes.

You can do it either via PayPal
or bank transfer
(the necessary information will be sent to you after the commission is being discussed)

1. Ideas: At first i need some kind of script or summary of what you want(pagenumbers, setting, characters, reference etc.), after that i may ask some questions regarding those things(example: "What do you mean by X or Y?") and once those are answered i will start the:
2. Rough Sketch: A rough sketch is just a sketch to show how i imagine the panel layout and rough perspective to be. They will usually look very ugly as the only purpose it to get an understanding of what you want.
3. Semi Final Sketch: After you told me the concept of the rough sketch is what you had in mind, i will start working on a proper Sketch. You can still change things after this point, but only small trivial things (this usually ends up being the final sketch though)
4. Final Sketch: At that point no changes will be made(or i will take time or money to do those) i will tell you the price again and my paypal or bank address. If the Semi Final Sketch is already perfect it will obviously become automatically the Final Sketch.
5. Payment: After i received your payment i will give you a quick note i received it and then will start immediately working on the finished product.
6. Finished: After some days to some weeks i will have finished the commission and will upload a Low Resolution and a High Resolution(for your own printing or resizing to your preferred resolution) to a private Folder on DeviantArt (sending it to an E-mail or other methods is also possible if requested, though E-mail usually brings more trouble than it is worth)
7. Gallery: After a few days i will upload the low resolution work either in my Deviantart Gallery or on my Hentai-Foundry gallery if it is too graphic for dA(in my opinion)

What you get:
Since shipping cost are killer, i won't print out finished pictures and send them to you.
BUT i will give you a High-Resolution version(around 300 dpi, size usually is per page  2480px x 3508px) of the artwork so you can either print it out yourself, or let it print out somewhere.(or just look at it on your computer)

After payment is done and the artwork is finished the artwork belongs entirely to you. You can distribute it, sell it(if it is not a fanart), burn it, whatever, it's up to you.

I will always take the right to post a Low resolution version of the artwork on Deviantart or other websites. IF you don't want this, please inform me about it BEFORE i may publish an artwork! Also i won't reveal the name of the person who commission the piece unless wished for

Prices guarantee:
I will give no guarantee about these prices, in other words they might increase or decrease however i like, however i am usually a very relaxed guy about this, so don't worry about it too much haha.

You are free to ask me any questions related to the prices or whatever at any time.

How to write me:
The best way would be to write me via Deviantart Private Messages(aka Notes)
E-Mail( works too, but i don't check these as often as my Deviantart PM's
If you might want another method, just ask me about it.
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May 20, 2012


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