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As for the people who want to know what is going on with SM-CS, well, i don't know either. My workload is huge and i am in need for money(it sucks that life revolves around money...) thus:

For a short while i will accept commissions again.
The prices etc. can be found as usual here:
Commissions(Whether commisions are open or not, please ask me personally, or please refer to the latest journals entries)
Prices for both Comic Pages and single artworks (for each single page of course, though i might shorten/increase the price depending on the content of the pages) New Info: A Comic commission must be AT LEAST 2 pages long, if however you want 1 comic page it can be done but with a price increase, depending on the content.
Sketches: 15$
Lineart: 25$
Lineart + Mangastyle fillings + screentone: 30$
Lineart + Cell-shading: 35$
Lineart + Soft-shading: 45$
Backgrounds: +5-15$ (depends on various things, coloring, size, details etc.)
Example Pages: (currently not available, but you can just check out my gallery)
Script: If you want a comic/manga to be done, it would be nice to have some kind of script to be prepared. I can always pull out something on my own, without any price increase, but i think it would be best to at least have a general outline on what should appear, right

There are some restrictions thought to do what i will do, it would be best if interested to just ask me whether i will do this or that.

Once i will stop doing commissions, i will delete this journal entry to avoid confusion.
(first off, as for the previous journal entry, i am still working on it. The lack of interest kinda lowered my motivation though)

Serious topic i guess, or maybe not...
Anyway, i have noticed something strange, and i guess i need you guys experience to help figure this one out.
You know, i have always figured my SM-CS comic is the one main feature of my gallery, as it is the one thing i upload the most regularly, other than that i only draw random artworks with no set theme. And here is the odd thing, i don't think anyone would be watching someone like that, i mean, whatever they enjoyed about my work, there is no guarantee at all i would draw it again any time soon. And if they just like my artwork, they would also enjoy looking at the sailor moon comic.

And here is what baffles me: I have 2500 watchers to this gallery. But my sailor moon comics get only like, on a lucky day, 700 views. So what are the other 1800 watchers doing? I get that there are SOME people who have countless artists on their watch-list and thus are drowned in notifications of new uploads. But that must be the minority...right?

So can anyone explain this to me?
first off, before anyone might be scared for the future of Sailor Moon CS, that thing IS still on going and nothing will stop it. So please don't worry that this new project will take up time i would have otherwise spend on drawing.

Anyway, to get to the main topic, i have a new project in plan. You see, as a hobby i like to make games. Some may even remember the flash mini-RPG i did a while ago about the OC Sailor Darkmatter. I have continued to try out making games here and there, however none really took off beyond the planning stages. Eventually i started to experiment with the game engine "Unity", but even here it has never hit off beyond planning stages, however i don't want it to keep that way.

This is where you may come in handy.
You see, i think if i had an actual goal i might have more motivation to create something, even if it is just for fun and not serious.

So i ask you:
What game would you like to see being created?(please comment in this journal)
Here is the best part: It could be ANYTHING, absolutely everything from the genre of game, to the story to the style, everything is up to YOU.

The only limitation i ask is that the game idea you may have is not based on a franchise i don't know(since that would require research, and research takes up a lot of time)
It could be anything from a very long RPG to a silly Tetris game.

What can you expect:
Nothing. Well, not nothing, but nothing much. I WILL create at least one game from the suggestions(though i want to continue doing this) BUT the graphics will more than likely be bad, really bad, as i want to concentrate solely on the game mechanics, not on the artwork for this particular project. So expect something from the lower Playstation1 era instead of something amazing like PS3 games or higher. Same about sounds and music, as i will take the first thing i can get for free on the internet. And it goes without saying, no voice acting. (no pun intended)
Also i take the liberty of changing an idea.
The game, no matter what kind of game it will be(2d or 3d, first person or platform etc.) will be made in the Unity Engine. For those who don't know, Unity games can be played as stand alone or as web games(like flash games). In order to play them one only needs to download a Unity webplayer. (the download link will be shown if you open a page with a unity game but don't have the player already installed)

How will i choose which game to create first?
Well, if there are only a handful of suggestions, i will do them based on the time the suggestion was written. If there are more, i will collect them for a week and then do a poll.

What kind of games have i done before?
I actually finished in my entire run a whole(!) ...3 games. I do have countless other ideas, but like i said, they never got beyond the planning stage.

The first one was the RPG i made in Flash i spoke of, which unfortunately won't make much sense to those that haven't read most other comics done for a specific deviantArt sailormoon OC tournament, and the game mechanics were a little wonky as well(it was my first full game after all):

The second game was a test to see how well i can work with Unity: Tetris.
Very very basic Tetris:…

The third game was a little project that was initially planned for Mobile Phone Games, however i wanted to test some mechanics with Unity first, and the mobile version never took off either.
A very very basic Asteroids:…

I hope to see some unique suggestions! Even if not, even if you ask for the same thing that has been done countless times before, i don't care!
Yeah, you heard it right. SM-CS will continue starting next week!

Of course there are good and bad news.
Good news is of course it will continue and i will keep working on it at the very least one day each week, which should amount to an update(2 pages) every or every second week.
The bad news, as mentioned, i only have one day for it each week. All other days are occupied by other occupations, like commissions, future art related projects, drawings for fun(like for my tumblr, which is mostly about equestria girls now...) etc.
Also bad news, that one day i choose to work on SM-CS is Sunday, which means on a weekend day, which means it is on a day i am usually VERY lazy. But well, maybe it works out...right

And i want to continue it, at the very least, until the end of the first big arc(that is dark kingdom). What happens after that i can't say yet.
The artstyle will be similar to the latest few uploaded comic pages of SM-CS i did, that means flat colors with no shading. But i have gotten pretty good with those haha.

So the next update should be latest 15.march, but maybe sooner. Look forward to it!
Hi, me again...still alive, somewhat.

I have a question for you guys, what is your opinion about PATREON?
For those that don't know, Patreon is somewhat an alternative to kickstarter, but instead of funding one project it's actually for ongoing series's.
Let's assume a person has a youtube channel and uploads videos from time to time. People who add him on their patreon can decide to give him a certain amount of money for every upload he makes. Let's say 1$ per upload. So if 10 people do it like this and he uploads 3 videos in a month, he would get 30$. Best part is, they can also decide on a limit per month. So in other words if don't want to spend more than 2 dollars a month, he would only get 2$ from that person even though he uploaded 3 videos.

Makes sense, right?

So, since i am a creator after all, i am interested in this, but i am wondering what YOU people think about it. Is that website a good idea or not, does it have potential and most importantly, would you think about doing something like this with me if i were to do it with a manga/comic? (let's ignore what kind of manga i would do then, sailormoon CS or something original or something completely different)
I've been playing around with ideas regarding selling some things and other things. One of those things is sailor moon CS (not for profit mind you)
So i looked up a bit about copyright and so on, especially regarding germany...since unfortunately that is where i live.
So what i have noticed is this:
If i want to use commercially SM-CS that would mean i would have to ask Naoko Takeuchi herself! Since holds the rights to the characters and so on. BUT the sharing right or whatever it is called of the title "Sailor Moon" belongs to other people, in my case a few publishers and tv studios probably. So if i wanted to use that i would have to get it from the same source as them, some lawyer in japan probably.
Now, in japan people sell doujins all the time because their law is a bit different and mostly because the publishers don't care since it means more advertising for them. However since i live in germany i would have to go by german law, and that means, i would have to ask Naoko Takeuchi.

In other words, its pretty much impossible.
(Now i do understand that no one would probably even notice me if i were to do it, but since i want to sell my own manga one day i want to refrain from any illegal stuff as much as possible)

But you see, all that thinking about copyright, for a while now, got me thinking even more, especially about my own manga. Is it really alright to hold the right to an "idea"?
To sum up, my conclusion is: No.
To explain a bit more, this is how selling Manga/Comics should go and i think i will do it eventually with my own Manga:
-First the mangaka/comic-creator thinks up an idea and creates the comic on paper/computer.
-Then (or before he does it depending on his popularity) he asks the people to donate money, something like kickstarter. If he gets enough to cover up the work he has done for that comic.
-So after he gets that donation that would count as a salary you might say, he will do two things:
 1. he will share the original files/scans of the comic so that everyone could look at it for free or even print it out for themselve!
 2. He or his publishers will print out a large amount of those comics (to reduce the costs of price per comic, as printers reduce the price if you order more) and then sell it for almost exactly the amount it cost to print the manga! (maybe a tiny bit more for the effort and providing the budget to print all those numbers)

That way those "ideas" will be competely free, as it should be, but the comic creators/mangaka still get their money for providing those "ideas" to begin with! The only thing that would be covered by law is to not claim "original creator" since such things would be a lie, but other than that, anyone would be free to do whatever he wants with it. He could even sell it if he wanted to, or change it or whatever.

How does that help Sailormoon-CS? Not at all.
How does that help otherwise? Probably a lot.
If you have read your fair share of manga or watched some anime, you must have noticed that a lot of artist have a problem, and that is they design all the girls to look all the same, just with different hair(Usually referred to sameface). With male characters its "sometimes" this case, but more than often the artist has some more leeway, since Guys are not suppose to look perfect to look pretty. They can have scars, a variety of different head shapes, noses, ears, eyes, you name it, they will still look good.
(Of course taste plays a part in it too, but you know what i mean)
And i have to admit, i have this problem too. It's just because everyone has a certain view of how girls ideally are suppose to look like, and since all the girls in a manga for boys are suppose to be pretty(and most of the time in manga for girls too), you can't give them big noses, chins, narrow eyes, fat tummy etc., because that is to the artists own ideals and to the general public not considered "pretty".
And yet, from time to time, we notice a manga or anime(or western comic) that CAN do it and even though all the girls are unique and sometimes have non-attractive traits, they still look hot! Sometimes these characters even gain one of the biggest fanbases of the entire franchise.
For example: Annie from Attack-on-titan. If you have watched the show and especially read the manga you must have noticed that there is one thing about her that is different from most other anime girls...she has a huge nose! People on the internet even joke about her having a jew-nose.(sorry about that, but thats what they say, not me) But...she is still pretty, and has a huge fanbase around her, and i have to admit that its because of her, an anime character, that i started to like big noses on girls in reallife too! Isn't that amazing?

ANY WAY, back to what i was getting at, there must be a way to have unique girls that are still attractive.

Cut back to today. In a thread on 4chan they were talking about a sketch from Onepiece made by Oda himself, it was about rule63(genderbend) characters (mainly the supernovas). Lately in one piece, whenever a new female character is introduced, the chance is high that she will look like nami(the main female character of one piece), just with a different hair. And yet, these rule63 characters he made are anything but that! They are all unique and attractive in their own ways. So how come? How come?
Well, one comment made me realize it, that comment basically said: "Oda should design male characters and then make rule63 out of them" and suddenly all fell into place.
In order to make unique pretty have to design them as guys first, and then genderbend them! that i wrote it, it does sound kinda sexist, but still, it works, and i wanted to share this new found information with you. Well... i know a lot of you don't draw as much comics as me, so you rarely get the chance to design new characters. But still, i hope i helped a few people of you that also have the problem of samefacing!
I've been thinking...well, actually, i think all the time, way too much some people tell any rate
about Sailor Moon CS.
Just like always, there is a hiatus, and like before, it's due to me drawing commissions. However instead of it just being a way to make some pocket money, i am actually using commission now to support myself, to pay my rent and all that, thus it got even more priority than before.
In other words, almost no time for drawing just for fun.

But, i like Sailor Moon CS way too much for that, so i think i will go at it in a different reaction. I am not going to tell you how exactly though yet, because if it doesn't work, i will just look like an idiot and i would once again break a promise, and i hate doing that.
So anyway, i will keep you guys in check what happens with my idea.
For those non-germans of you(like 99% all of you) Connichi is probably the most popular convention here in germany, and i will be going there this weekend(starting today in a few hours).
This time not with a booth, but just as a regular visitor. At least i can enjoy it more this way XP
And no, i won't be wearing a cosplay or anything, as if i had the time to do that...

But just so you know, i will be gone the next few days.
As you heard, commissions are open again, of course, i still have some left, but it's possible to commission something and for it to be finished...let's say "as soon as possible" haha.

Please refer to this page for the details of commissions:…

But also notice that the prices have changed, HOWEVER like i expected not much.
For the comic page commissions: the lineart only has gone up 1$, the coloring is mostly the same, and the backgrounds too. For the single artworks the lineart price has gone up 5 dollars, but the coloring has been reduced a few dollars. And a change here is that the amount of character doesn't matter anymore!!(but i am still strict on extra panels and other features) But also i won't do backgrounds(with that i mean actual backgrounds, not shadows on the floor or gradiants. Backgrounds like, buildings and stuff) anymore with single artworks.(but those are still completely available with comic pages of course)

Why the sudden opening of the commissions again? Well, i have now a place where i can work for a few hours without anything to distract me, like, internet, tv, food, a bed,... i can concentrate just on drawing, and that works wonders! That is up until now the best medicine for lack of motivation yet.
If YOU have problem concentrating, just get yourself a place like this.
Some stuff to talk about.
First off, Facebook. For my family and close friends(all one of you) it's no secret that i absolutely hate Facebook, just like its spiritual predecessor Myspace. Why? Well, first off, all those years "normalfags" have been telling me i should go out more and "meet REAL people" and i told them "The people on the internet are just as real as those you can touch". Their answer "You're a nerd.". And now? Nowadays everyone and their grandma have a Facebook account and visit it daily or even hourly, or every single minute!! And why does this piss me off so much? Because i hate hypocrisy!
Second reason, i don't see the point, i meet my friends either in reallife(as ironic as it is) or on deviantart, in other words you guys. So why should i bother with another website? Right, i shouldn't. I tried twitter and now you see what has happened, even my unknown brother has 4x more followers than me! But it's obvious when you think about it, the same reason why i said facebook would be pointless for me...if people want to follow me, they follow me on deviantart!(or tumblr by extension)

So yeah, to sum up, i don't like facebook. So why do i talk about it? Well, i have an account now...BUT BUT BUT, and this is the reason why i am even writing about it, don't even try to talk with me there or add me as your friend or whatever, i will never properly use it! The only reason why i even have it is because i needed to write a message to a person i didn't knew their email, so their facebook account was the only way, and since facebook is pretty much anal about registration i had to do it. So yes, i have a Facebook, and no, i will never use it. So if you happen to google me and see my Facebook account, feel free to ignore it.


Sailor-Moon CS is on a break apparently again....not for any big reason, but i am just too annoyed to construct another 3d model for some scenes in this chapter(the interior of the temple) let's pray i get my lazy ass up and do it(this is also the same reason why the comic on my other account DeviantKibate is on delay too)


On a private note, i actually got a new TV some days ago!! Up until then i had a CRT TV, you know, those things your grandparents used to watch TV on. So now i got a full-HD-Flat-HDMI-i-have-no-idea-what-else TV, and for a cheap price too! But since i didn't care much about the technical stuff, i only made sure it looked good and is good for my purposes. But you know, today i figured "huh....maybe...i can attach my laptop on that thing?" And as you may figure, i can! So i tried it out and, HOLY CRAP! Everything is so huge now! I can see my artworks in full resolution now! Now i know why some people bother paying money for high resolution drawings from me! Also now i know why people bother downloading xbox huge anime video files! I always wondered "the odlschool 170mb for 20minutes is absolutely fine quality, why do you need more?" Now i know! And knowing is half the battle!


I recently watched Steins:Gate, it was on my backlog for far too long so i decided to watch was okay.
Yeah, okay...the time travel plot was amazing, could have been a bit more serious, but it was fine the way it was, but the characters! OH my god, were they stereotyped cliche annoying brats! We got a super tsundere-moe, an incredible retard-moe, a tomboy-moe, a quiet-moe,  a MOE-moe(!) and even a Trap-moe! The main character was pretty much insane for 1/3 of the anime, and the fat guy, who was just another stereotype but had some redeeming features, didn't even get any proper screentime in episode 25, you know(!) that episode that introduced us to you-know-who?! COME ON!
I'm so mad at such things, because i just know if you had done it a bit differently you could have had an AMAZING series, one that rival even the most popular anime in history, but they screw it up for such stupid reasons, it just makes me mad for all the lost potential.
  • Watching: Steins:Gate
  • Eating: Icecream ^_^
  • Drinking: Water
(Whether commisions are open or not, please ask me personally, or please refer to the latest journals entries)

Prices for both Comic Pages and single artworks (for each single page of course, though i might shorten/increase the price depending on the content of the pages) New Info: A Comic commission must be AT LEAST 2 pages long, if however you want 1 comic page it can be done but with a price increase, depending on the content.

Sketches: 15$
Lineart: 25$

Lineart + Mangastyle fillings + screentone: 30$
Lineart + Cell-shading: 35$
Lineart + Soft-shading: 45$

Backgrounds: +5-15$ (depends on various things, coloring, size, details etc.)

Example Pages: (currently not available, but you can just check out my gallery)

Script: If you want a comic/manga to be done, it would be nice to have some kind of script to be prepared. I can always pull out something on my own, without any price increase, but i think it would be best to at least have a general outline on what should appear, right?

I'm pretty much willing to draw ANYTHING, even things i don't like(like yaoi), and i don't judge anybody for whatever he or she may like. Of course there are some exceptions(just look at the typical deviantart rules concerning these things) but you're still free to ask if you're unsure, like i said, i don't judge.
New Info: If you want a more "normal" commission, nothing fetish or similar related, i may take priority for these! Not because of prejudice, but because i can use these better to advertise myself, and thus instead of increasing price, i think this is a far better option.

If however you might want a fanart of a show i don't know about, it would be best to provide some references, both for the character designs and the characters personality. I will draw regarding the reference, so if there is something not shown on the reference there is no take back if the outcome is not as expected(for example the back of a person) however i will usually look for additional references myself

Currently i am only willing to draw in my own Artstyle. You CAN request that i may draw in another Artstyle, i may always feel generous some times, but don't expect a yes.

You can do it either via PayPal
or bank transfer
(the necessary information will be sent to you after the commission is being discussed)

1. Ideas: At first i need some kind of script or summary of what you want(pagenumbers, setting, characters, reference etc.), after that i may ask some questions regarding those things(example: "What do you mean by X or Y?") and once those are answered i will start the:
2. Rough Sketch: A rough sketch is just a sketch to show how i imagine the panel layout and rough perspective to be. They will usually look very ugly as the only purpose it to get an understanding of what you want.
3. Semi Final Sketch: After you told me the concept of the rough sketch is what you had in mind, i will start working on a proper Sketch. You can still change things after this point, but only small trivial things (this usually ends up being the final sketch though)
4. Final Sketch: At that point no changes will be made(or i will take time or money to do those) i will tell you the price again and my paypal or bank address. If the Semi Final Sketch is already perfect it will obviously become automatically the Final Sketch.
5. Payment: After i received your payment i will give you a quick note i received it and then will start immediately working on the finished product.
6. Finished: After some days to some weeks i will have finished the commission and will upload a Low Resolution and a High Resolution(for your own printing or resizing to your preferred resolution) to a private Folder on DeviantArt (sending it to an E-mail or other methods is also possible if requested, though E-mail usually brings more trouble than it is worth)
7. Gallery: After a few days i will upload the low resolution work either in my Deviantart Gallery or on my Hentai-Foundry gallery if it is too graphic for dA(in my opinion)

What you get:
Since shipping cost are killer, i won't print out finished pictures and send them to you.
BUT i will give you a High-Resolution version(around 300 dpi, size usually is per page  2480px x 3508px) of the artwork so you can either print it out yourself, or let it print out somewhere.(or just look at it on your computer)

After payment is done and the artwork is finished the artwork belongs entirely to you. You can distribute it, sell it(if it is not a fanart), burn it, whatever, it's up to you.

I will always take the right to post a Low resolution version of the artwork on Deviantart or other websites. IF you don't want this, please inform me about it BEFORE i may publish an artwork! Also i won't reveal the name of the person who commission the piece unless wished for

Prices guarantee:
I will give no guarantee about these prices, in other words they might increase or decrease however i like, however i am usually a very relaxed guy about this, so don't worry about it too much haha.

You are free to ask me any questions related to the prices or whatever at any time.

How to write me:
The best way would be to write me via Deviantart Private Messages(aka Notes)
E-Mail( works too, but i don't check these as often as my Deviantart PM's
If you might want another method, just ask me about it.
FAQ: Publishing Company question:
What is the name of your publishing company?
COMGA Verlag
("Verlag" is german for "publishing company")

What does COMGA mean?
It's an abbreviation of COMic and manGA
My plan is that Comga will one day replay the terms comic and manga, because the definition of both become more and more blurry.

What kind of manga do you publish?
Mostly shonen and seinen, but eventually a lot other genres/demographics too!

Can you publish my work?
The point of my publishing company is that i want to give everyone a chance.
However i will obviously only publish something i think that might sell well.
So go ahead and show me what you got.

What kind of media do you do?
First i will only publish tankoubons(Paperback books). Most of these will eventually be avaible online for free too!
In the future i plan on doing both printed and online magazine with serialized weekly/monthly´manga.
And another few years into the future i plan on expanding into games/anime/movies/music etc.

You sure have a lot of ambitions, do you really think you can pull that off?
There's no way to know without trying

What language and where do you publish?
First only in german in germany. If i shall get a lot of request i will do english versions, however the shipping costs might be too much so i will have to find a way first to reduce them.

FAQ: Different questions:
Can you critize my work?
Sure, but i'm very strict, and if you don't do what i say, i will lose my patient.

Do you do commissions?
Please refer to the "Commissions" part about my journal. But technially yes.

FAQ: Personal questions:
Where are you from?
Germany - (Nordrhein Westfalen)

Are you a girl?

Do you really crossdress?
It's complicated, but let's just agree on "yes"

Are you straight, gay, bi, etc.?
Technically straight(in other words, i like girls), but if the super most perfect soulmate turns out to be a guy(who looks just like a girl), then bi...maybe

Are you ever gonna post a photo of you?
Maybe later, i'm not fat or anything, but not exactly thin either. So i want to lose some weight before i do anything i might regret later.

Are you a virgin?
This was never asked, but i still like to answer: Yes, but i'm proud to be one. My first time should be with someone special.

Do you have a girlfriend?
Nope, still looking

What kind of girl do you like?
Someone whose personality is exactly like mine.

What kind of music do you like?
Any kind, however there is not one artist i like every song of.

What kind of video-games do you play?
Mostly RPG(like final fantasy) and puzzles(or any other kind of logical game)

What is your favourite comic/manga/cartoon/anime?
I have no such thing as a favourite, every manga(etc.) is different from each other.… (News) :bulletblack:… (Drawing Status) :bulletblack:… (Commissions) :bulletblack:… (FAQ) :bulletblack:… (SM-CS Fanart)

:icongorgeouspixie:…… :iconsailorphantom:…… :iconfeystarlight:……
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